Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

The video is pretty dark, because the only light was from the Christmas tree. But the singer is not too shabby. This should get you into the Christmas mood. Enjoy!

In no particular order . . .

Well, I have not purposefully gone on a blog fast. But things have been a little busy. Summer in the Philippines, a fall trip down south, and then a surprise pregnancy (in 2 words described as nasty nausea) keeping up with the blog has been far from my mind. But here we go. I went through nearly 500 pictures and picked out a few, with some difficulty, to catch up. So, in no particular order . . . . .

As I was walking behind my mom and daughter, I thought it very interesting that there they go walking down the same sidewalk going to VBS. A few years ago it would have been my hand that Mom was holding. Now it's Marie's.

While Marie enjoyed visiting her daddy's family, I think she found her calling while playing with the basement band. With a little help from Uncle Greg, of course.

It would be an understatement to say that a highlight of our trip down south was going to the opening Georgia football game. That was the first win of only a few more to come later in the season. Well, at least we were there for it!

Marie sure does love her Aunt Tammie! Tammie visited us at the first of October. She was the speaker at our Ladies' Day. It was a double blessing!

I almost let summer slip by without getting a picture of Marie beside some of our beautiful Alaskan flowers. By this time almost all the fireweed had gone to seed, so we settled with this picture at the park close to our house.

If I were to describe this summer in one word, it would probably be hiking. Here we are on the East Glacier trail. I can't tell you how many times we hiked it. In fact, Bill and I even got babysitters so we could hike more. When the fall rains came, I almost went into mourning over that trail knowing it would be many months before I would be able to hike it again. Ugh! And now that I'm pregnant it will be even longer! Not that it's a bad trade, please don't misunderstand.

Marie is practicing her ballerina moves in her Halloween Costume. She makes a cute little Care Bear ballerina!

Oh my, when the cat's away the mice will certainly play! This is what I came home to one day after work. Bill had brought the mattress from the spare room into the living room. I'm sure it didn't take this little jumping bean long to figure out what to do.

And here we are - all caught up. Marie is deciding where to put the Frosty the Snowman ornament. But it has moved several times since this picture was taken. Frosty has become Marie's favorite movie, ornament, song, and story.
Thanks for bearing with me through the long dry desert. I'll try not to go that long without posting again!