Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morning Playtime

This is a common scene in the morning after breakfast. Marie plays with her toys under the ever watchful eye of Pippin. Sometimes he ventures down on the floor to get closer to the action, but he just likes to sit and watch her play.

Marie is investigating a train car on the toy train that she has. This train is her favorite toy. Not only does she like the lights and music on the engine, she likes the extra train car and the animals that go along with it. It is somewhat of a mystery to me, though. When we first got to Juneau, there was a counter full of food. And then there was this brand new toy train. There was no card, so I don't know who it was from. But one thing is certain, that toy train has kept Marie's attention for hours while I've been able to do other things (like write this blog!).

No, Marie is not trying to pick out a CD to play in the stereo. She has discovered her reflection in the glass doors on the cabinet. It reminds me of how Anne, in Anne of Green Gables, talks to her imaginary friend Katie from her reflection in a window.

It's funny to watch Marie play. Lately she has started to hold toys with her feet and play with them with her hands. She is silly girl!

The First Day of Spring

I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the first day of spring in Juneau, Alaska it was snowing. Which was not big surprise really. But I do miss those days from when I lived in the South and you could count on the weather changing in line with the calender. A long winter makes up for a great summer though.

Yes, I know Marie will be 10 months old tomorrow, but she is still wearing her 6-9 month clothes. She can't help it that she's a petite little girl. I figure that within a couple of weeks she will be able to fit into 9-12 month clothes. So when I got her box of 9-12 month clothes box down from her closet, there were only 2 pants and 2 shirts! We needed some clothes fast, and we didn't want to break the bank to buy some. We went on a little shopping spree to Mommy and Me, the children's consignment store down the road. Jackpot! We found tons of things, as you can see in the picture. And I even have some money left over to buy undershirts and a few more other shirts she will be needing.
Bill told me if I blogged about her new clothes that I had to put a picture of her with the new hat that Bill picked out from the $1 rack. It is a cute hat. But it is for toddlers. Her body may be petite, but her head makes up for it! The hat is a little big now, but I'm sure she will grow into it by this summer.
While I was shopping, Bill went to a flower shop down the way a got me a rose to mark the first day of spring. He put it in the car in the pocket of the seat in from of me. Well, after I got in the car it took me a few minutes to notice that it was even there! Bill is sweet to think of me, even though I may not notice it sometimes!

Marie and her Mouth

Marie has discovered that she can do things with her mouth. Enjoy the video.

Monday, March 16, 2009

So far this week . . .

Well, I guess Bill and I are officially South East Alaskans now. There was a sale on Xtra Tufs at Fred Meyer and Bill decided to get us each a pair. I haven't had any kind of waterproof boots. So this afternoon I got a chance to walk in the yard since it has snowed. The snow was up past my knees, but my feet stayed dry. Bill is looking forward to going hiking with his new boots. (Hint, hint, Geoffrey!)

Our friend Rachel takes regular bath towels and makes them into baby bath towels by putting hoods with a decorative ribbon on it. Now that Marie is taking baths in the big bath tub, we are really getting some good use out of the towel. It makes drying her off so easy, and it keeps her warm in the process. Thanks Rachel!

When I was growing up Mom had little holiday things, like pins and figurines, that she would set out. Now that I'm grown, Mom has given me several of those items. On Saturday I saw this cute St. Patrick's Day bear and bought it for Marie. I had 2 purposes: 1.) To have a little holiday item in Marie's room and 2.) To have something to give to Marie once she is older. Luckily, it was 50% off. That day was a good shopping day in JoAnn's, thanks to Dana for showing me the secret clearance aisle.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This week in review

On Monday night, Geoffrey and Dana came over for dinner. In exchange, Dana gave Bill a haircut. Truth be known, Bill was just happy to get a free haircut. But Dana did do a good job, and it doesn't look like Bill got scalped.

Bill and Geoffrey delivered daffodils for a fund raiser this week. There was an extra bunch, so Bill brought them home. They bloomed within a day. This is what spring looks like all over the country, except for Alaska of course.

Marie had her first bath this week. Although I know it's part of her growing up, I miss giving her a bath beside the kitchen sink. And I guess part of missing it is that it takes about twice as long to give her a bath in the big bath tub.

Marie has been wearing the same pink felt shoes forever it seems. Well, her big toe has been aching for some more room. So last Saturday, we bought Marie some new shoes. I am quite proud of them, if I say so myself.

For Your Viewing Pleasure . . .

Every morning after breakfast, Marie has a good time playing by herself.
This week we started giving Marie a bath in the big bathtub. The first time she didn't know quite what to think about it. But the second bath, she discovered that she could splash.