Monday, December 28, 2009

Something in a name

For Christmas, someone from church gave this bear to Marie. Amanda and I decided that we would let her sleep with this bear instead of the pound puppy she has previously had in the crib with her. Friday, the day after christmas, I went into her room after she had been up talking sweetly for a while and when i walked in, there she stood with her bear in a head-lock. All she would say was, " na...bear... na na" (that is na na as in sha na na) over and over again. So i asked her if the bear's name was na na. Then we proceded with the day. In the afternoon, a good 4 hours later, i asked her where na na was and she went from the living room all the way to her bedroom, pointed in the bed at the bear and said na na. So it seems that she has named the bear, with but minimal help from daddy, na na. This is the first thing that she has named. She is getting to be such a big little girl:)
thanks for "bearing" with me in the telling of this story.
God bless you all and have a great New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Marie went potty! Here's how it went down. For the past couple of weeks, when Marie goes poopy she tells us "poop-poop" and grabs her diaper. So she understands that concept. I thought I'd get the potty chair out so she could practice going through the motions. I took her into the bathroom, pulled her pants down, took her diaper off, and sat her down on her new potty - and this is what happened! Now, I know that it probably wasn't intentional her really going pee-pee in the potty and that it was probably the feel of the seat on her bottom or the excitement of it all or both. Either way, I find it pretty humerous that she ended up actually going potty her first time sitting on it. Hopefully this is a good sign for when we get serious about it here in about 6 months.


This past week we watched Carly and Isaac while Shawn and Rachel went to a holiday party. Needless to say, Marie loved it. Here are the highlights (minus Marie's hissy fit about Carly sitting in her chair that ended up in Marie going to bed).

All three of these kids are entralled with their favorite bear - Winnie the Pooh.

Rachel, whenever Carly can read a little better I think she'll be ready for piano lessons. I'll leave a spot open in my schedule.

Apparently Bill thinks it's a good idea to teach Isaac how to throw a bouncy ball at the wall, and Isaac thinks it's great fun! Oh well - boys!


Fun Pictures

Silly Marie, don't you know that it's clothes that go in the clothes hamper?

Santa's been caught sneaking around!

Fashionable bracelets to accessorize with her dress.

Showing off her teeth.

Marie's been helping in the laundry again.

One pile to another pile

Old McDonald had a farm . . .

A little Christmas preview

Christmas Tree Discovery

November Catch-up's

Okay blog fans - here's your November catch-up pictures!

Marie's ready to go.

Winter has most assuredly arrived in Juneau.

Thanksgiving after-dinner conversation. Hmm . . . I wonder what everyone's talking about?

Thanksgiving play-time.

She sure is proud of her new little trick!