Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whale Watching Cruise

Bill and I spent the afternoon on a little whale watching cruise. The weather was perfect, which made up for not as much wildlife as we thought. But still a very good trip.

We live in a beautiful place - THANK YOU GOD!

Enjoying the stillness and the sun!

These stellar sea lions are enjoying the sun too. See the big fat one on the right? He must be the king of the rock.

The wind picked up once the boat got moving, but I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture.

We saw 3 humpback whales during our trip. They never came up out of the water much more than this, and never showed their tails. Even though it looks little from here, there was a lot more we couldn't see that was under the water.

Marie this last week

Here are a few pictures of Marie taken in the last week or so.

We've had some really nice days. So Marie has been spending more time outside. On this day we went to the park. Here Marie is showing the ducks her bubbles.

Isn't she cute???

Marie LOVES corn on the cob!

Marie's friends Carly and Isaac have a tent in their play room. Well, this is the best I could come up with. But Marie seems pretty happy with it.

Happy Easter Marie!

After I saw that my friend Rachel just did her Easter blog, I am not ashamed to just now be posting mine! I, unlike Rachel, don't have a good reason for not posting until now. Oh well!

Shannon's Good-bye Party

For the past few months, Bill and a few other guys from church have been meeting on Thursday nights to play guitars. Well not just guitars, but also the ukelele, mandolin and banjo. It makes for quite a mix, but they sound pretty good! This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. It was Shannon's (far right) last time there. He has taken a job with the Fish and Game again for the summer, but then he's off to the AK Bush for a teaching position. Good luck Shannon! We'll miss you!