Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Hat on a Silly Little Girl

Round and round

Marie playing with Daddy

Georgia Bulldogs fans???

Now, I thought the Phelps' were die-hard Oklahoma fans. But from the looks fo these pictures, I'm not so sure. What do you think?

Ready for winter

Winter arrived in Juneau about 2 weeks ago: first with the temperature dropping, then a lot of wind, and finally the snow.

This cute coat and bonnet came from Ann Marshall. It was her daughter's, and now she's passed it on to Marie. Thanks Ann!

I couldn't decide which of these 2 pictures to put on the blog, so here's the second one!

Bill sure does do a good job of bundling Marie up.

On this day, Bill couldn't find Marie's mittens. So she got to wear her daddy's gloves. She sure does like the snow. And she likes to say 'snow' too.

I hope Marie likes the snow, because it will be here for the next 5 or 6 months!

Harvest Festival 2009

For the Harvest Festival this year, Marie dressed up as a bee. She was quite the busy bee.

She was concerned that her daddy didn't have a costume, so she 'stung' him.

She's supposed to be standing for this game - oh well!

Fishing for treats.

This red balloon has some significance. At one point in the night, the red balloon got taken. We tried to offer Marie another balloon that was a different color, but she wouldn't have it. Every night at bedtime before I rock Marie, we read Goodnight Moon. If you know the story, there is a red balloon in the room. That is the only reason I can think of that she had to have the red one.

She is a happy little bee too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marie around the house

Here's a few pictures of Marie around the house. I bet I have something in common with most of the young moms out there - the camera is always close at hand to capture the moments your children.

A little autumn.

This is an extra chair from the toddler room at church. We're trying to teach Marie to stay seated. I'm pretty sure we have a little while to go before she gets the hang of it.

Marie's interested has switched from the 'yes' cabinent to the spice draw. Which is fine with me - it is much easier for her to pick them up and put them back.

Although this has only 4 keys, rest assured that all of them get their share of playing time.

Do you think that Shadow is actually listening to her? Probably not. But I think that he does find her amusing sometimes.

Breaking News . . .

Disclaimer: the following is a semi-fictional event. Any representation of actual events is purely coincidental.

Breaking News (From October 20, 2009)

There have been 2 failed attempts to burn down the parsonage of the Juneau Church of Christ, where Bill and Amanda Williams, along with their 18 month old daughter Marie, live. After returning from a short trip, Mrs. Williams was putting the baby to bed. And then, as was routine, she reached down to turn on the ocean wave sound machine. When it did not turn on, she called in Mr. Williams to investigate the problem. What he found was the piece of evidence shown in the picture below. Half of the electrical cord attached to the adapter had become mysteriously disconnected, thus causing a faulty electrical connection to the sound machine. Mr. Williams described the adapter as "so hot it almost burned my hand off." The machine as well as the adapter was shortly taken from the home to be used as evidence at a later time.

Thinking that the adapter incident was an isolated occurrance, the Williams family went along with their lives. But, the next day another interesting event took place. While Mrs. Williams was at the local music store teaching piano lessons, Mr. Williams was cooking dinner. He had decided to cook fried chicken, knowing that his wife likes it and also knowing that chicken is one of the favorite foods of his daughter. He cooked the chicken on medium heat with an appropriate amount of oil. Just after he took the chicken up on a plate, he reached over to turn off the stove when it happened - something so surprising that even Mr. Williams was initially overcome with shock. He states, "The remaining oil in the pan spontaneously burst into flames!" Being the level-headed preacher that he is, he promptly put the fire out with an in-home fire extinguisher. There was no damage to the house, and no injuries to the occupants. Since no footage is available prior to or during the event, the aftermath of the almost-disaster is shown in the picture below.

After Mrs. Williams returned home, she saw what had happened and associated the two events as possibly being connected. That was when she realized that the adapter incident and the fried chicken fiasco could be related. That was when they called Juneau's Interesting Events Investigators to the scene.
If you have any information concerning the above situation, please let it be made known through the comments page of this website.

Up North

We enjoyed some time up north for a few days during the middle of October.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the waters of the Kenai River is the prettiest color of blue-green you've ever seen.

The reason we travelled was to go to the Preachers/Wives conference in Anchor Point. Here is the group of us from all around the state.

Tammie and Pete watched Marie for us while we were gone - we didn't have to put much effort into convincing them! Here Marie is having some fun watching her Uncle Pete dance (look at his reflection in the window).

Marie is so lovable!

Each day I spend with Marie, I love her more and more! Although she has a little attitude sometimes and I have to correct her, I love her even then - especially when she's pouting! Enjoy these pictures of a sweet little baby

I think it's pretty evident that she really likes spaghetti!

Doesn't every baby try to put things on their head that are not hats?

Not only does Marie pull things out of her 'yes' cabinet, she can get into it.

We spent one fall morning out in the front yard. She loved discovering things: leaves, grass, wood chips, and the fence.

Hmmm . . . what do you think this serious look is for?

Do you see how this little girl can be so lovable? Well, I know Isaac Phelps thinks so - he showers her with kisses whenever they're together. Each day I can't wait to spend time with her as she discovers the world around her.

Catching up - beginning with Ladies' Day

I do realize that it's been nearly 2 months since my last post, but things have been a little busy. So now I'll begin a catch-up series of blogs (with Ben in mind).

At the beginning of October we enjoyed having Carol, Andrea, and Clara stay with us since Carol was the speaker at our Ladies' Day at church. It really was blessing having them here - visiting them, catching up, and spending time with Clara.

As you can see here, Marie and Clara became fast friends. During their stay, Marie learned the word 'baby'.

We took one day to sight-see: out the North Douglas Hwy, out the Thane road, and then in town. It was strange but satisfying walking down the sidewalk - me and Andrea and our babies, thinking that less than 2 years ago we were not moms and now our lives have changed forever!

Carol brought us some incredible lessons from 1 Peter 3:1-6. We had a fair turnout of ladies and lots of good comments during the lessons. Hopefully we can make Ladies' Day an annual autumn event.

Early Saturday evening we went to the glacier. Afterall, you can't visit Juneau without seeing it! It was a good end to the day.

While we had a great time with them here, there's only one thing I would change: all the work Carol did. I was on-call during the weekend, and thankfully I didn't receive that many calls. But I did have to go out several times. There were times that I think Carol spent more time in my kitchen than I did! Andrea and I joked about how she is SuperMom! I must say, though, she makes some VERY yummy chocolate cookies!