Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marie is so lovable!

Each day I spend with Marie, I love her more and more! Although she has a little attitude sometimes and I have to correct her, I love her even then - especially when she's pouting! Enjoy these pictures of a sweet little baby

I think it's pretty evident that she really likes spaghetti!

Doesn't every baby try to put things on their head that are not hats?

Not only does Marie pull things out of her 'yes' cabinet, she can get into it.

We spent one fall morning out in the front yard. She loved discovering things: leaves, grass, wood chips, and the fence.

Hmmm . . . what do you think this serious look is for?

Do you see how this little girl can be so lovable? Well, I know Isaac Phelps thinks so - he showers her with kisses whenever they're together. Each day I can't wait to spend time with her as she discovers the world around her.

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Anonymous said...

This is most definitely the true post of a mother. I wanted to cry it was so sweet and touching! I love your love for your little girl; it inspires me to continue to build a love for children if the Lord plans for me to have my own one day!