Saturday, January 15, 2011

If all the raindrops . . .

Marie has a new love - Barney. She loves all the songs and dancing on the shows. And this week she has wanted to wear a dress whenever she watches Barney. Yes, on this day it was a chilly 15 degrees outside, but she still wanted to wear this summer dress. She is singing one of her favorite songs that you might know too - If all the Raindrops . . .

So far this year . . .

What have we been up to so far this year?

No, this picture isn't a mistake. It was taken in 2011. Every time we tried to catch Santa at the mall, he was gone to take care of his reindeer. But he made one last stop in Juneau, at the potluck at church, before heading back up to the north pole. He graciously agreed to have a picture taken with Marie. Special thanks to Dale "Santa" Hudson.

We've had several cold days. A lot of the snow had melted. But with all the moisture we have in Juneau, we've had frost upon frost upon frost. This is called hoar frost. It's really pretty to see what it lookes like when it accumulates on different things like the fence post (in this picture), mail box, and trees/bushes.

Marie decided to just sit down on the ice instead of trying to walk across it.

We've had some pretty long icicles, although not as impressive as our first winter here. But Marie thought they were pretty neat, and she liked to eat them too!

The Christmas Season 2010

A few Christmas pictures to share.

Last year we started some new traditions for our family. One of our favorites is going to a live nativity at a church close by. By far, Marie's favorite scene was with baby Jesus at the manger. She was really sweet - she got right beside the doll and sang Silent Night to him!

At the last minute, we (I) decided to do pictures for a photo Christmas card.

Marie got a little excited and we had a lot of goofy pictures of her. But we were able to use those too.

On Christmas eve both me and Marie were feeling a little bad. But Bill kept things going for us. Marie had fun opening her gifts. This was probably one of her favorites - a little school set with little people. The little people look the same, they're just a little bigger.

Marie enjoyed setting out cookies and milk for Santa Claus.

Shame on Bill for eating Santa's cookies!

Here is Marie's Christmas morning presents. We didn't get any pictures of her opening all her presents, but a long video instead. She was funny. We called her into the living room to see was Santa Claus brought her, and she didn't really know what to do. We had to tell her to open presents. Maybe she'll know what to do next year.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!

A little dancer

I got some old Christmas music out in December. Marie was promptly drawn to the little Nutcracker book because it had pictures in it, and decided that she needed to dance while I played it. Probably thanks to a Little Einsteins episode that had tons of Nutcracker music in it.