Monday, November 24, 2008

Poor Yoda

Yesterday morning, Yoda was outside doing, well, you know and on his way inside began yelping for what seemed like no reason. After watching him on and off throughout the day and night, he seemed to be suffering from pain in his back, so I took him to the vet today. we found out that he has a herniated disk in his back and the vet suggested two courses of action. 1. steroids and pain meds then wait it out to see if he gets better. 2. get surgery, but juneau doesn't have any pet surgeons, so we would have to send him off for at least a week. we went with the first just to see if the medication will help him. i know it may sound silly, but would you pray with us for yoda, he is a part of our family. he is such a good dog and has brought a lot of joy to us. not to mention he is the only one who experienced the ride to alaska with me. well, i gotta go now, but we will keep you posted.


Amy said...

I'm praying for Yoda...I hope he feels better soon :)

tundrarose said...

Yoda and your family will definitely be in my prayers.

James and Andrea said...

I'm sorry that Yoda's not feeling well. He is such a good dog. How is he now?

The cartoon on our blog just came from google image searching "breastfeeding." It tickled my funnybone and I thought I'd include it. I hope you guys are doing great! I guess we are going to see you soon?