Friday, October 24, 2008

5 months and swimming

This is my (Amanda) first blog. It's taken awhile, but now that I've sorta figured this thing out I will try to post semi-frequently.
The biggest thing in our life right now is Marie - new things she does, cute moments, etc . . . Bill and I are on a quest to find potential future boyfriends. Watch out Paden boys! Right now she's been hanging out with boys her own age. Her favorite is Elijah. In fact, they went on their first 'date' last Thursday. Of course, it was chaperoned by both sets of parents. They took a swim at the Juneau public pool. Elijah played hard-to-get while Marie stared at the kite-looking things on the ceiling. They enjoyed their first date so much that they repeated it last night.

Marie turned 5 months old this week. When we first moved to Juneau, she had somewhat of a hard time adjusting. But now she's back to her old self.

Marie made a new friend at her 5 month photo shoot this week. This is Marie with Bernard the bear. Jake and Kristina picked out Bernard while I was still pregnant with Marie. But they knew he would be a great friend.


Hattie said...

Hey, Amanda,
That sweet little Marie!! She is growing so fast. And I want to see her so badly. But just keep me posted with pictures. I can tell Bernard, the bear, is her friend.
Love Y'all,

Amy said...

Marie is such a big girl! I love the picture with the bear! It looks like they're great friends! Glad to see you and Bill are doing well too ;) Love ya'll