Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a Sun-day

When someone says 'Sunday' in Juneau, it does not necessarily mean the first day of the week. Often it means that it is sunny outside: Sun-day. And I understand that Sun-days do not come around much at this point of the year. So today we took the opportunity to spend the afternoon outside. We went to the Mendenhall glacier in hopes of possibly seeing a bear. But we were out of luck. We did have a nice walk around the grounds though.

This is Bill preparing to go. He's wearing his cowboy hat, flannel jacket (it was so warm he almost went in short-sleeves but I convinced him otherwise and it was a good thing because the temperature dropped about 10 degrees while we were out), and the rain boots in case we got into some muddy places.

This is a view of the glacier from one of the upper trails. Notice the little icebergs in the lake.

Marie stayed in her stroller the whole time. She was constantly looking around at all the trees and sky.

We met a family on the trail and the husband graciously took our picture. Notice the sky - there is not a cloud in it!!!
We had a wonderful Sun-day.

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