Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trip Down South 2011

Nearly every year we take a trip down south to see family. This year, while Bill went to a lectureship, the kids and I joined up with my mom and went to see our family in Pennsylvania. We only stayed a few days, but it did my heart so good to see my Aunt Dot and Uncle Bob and all the family there. I wish we could have stayed a few weeks! While the trip down there was long (which produced an unbelievable temper-tantrum from a certain 3 year old), it was well worth it.

The first picture I was going to show (but couldn't find it) was of Marie and Uncle Bob sitting on their back porch swing. After the tantrum mentioned above, Uncle Bob was the only person Marie would talk to. She practically jumped in his arms when we got to their house. Which was something since she had never met him. But Marie must have sensed a warmth in Uncle Bob, because they were inseperable for the rest of the night

Greg got Marie out of the temper tantrum, and for the rest of our time there tried to win Marie back over. And I think he did. Marie acted shy around him, but I think she actually had a little crush on him!

I'll never forget the Sunday we were there. We went to church with Aunt Dot and Uncle Bob. Afterwards, we met the rest of the family at a restaurant for lunch. Then we went back to Aunt Dot and Uncle Bob's house. We all had such a good time. Marie especially enjoyed dancing with Aunt Dot.

Also that afternoon, Roy played some music for us and even let Marie play on his guitar. She loved it!

It was Jacob that commanded everyone's attention most of the time, though. Not even 3 months old, and he was charming everyone!

He particularly liked to show out for his Mee-Maw.

When I was really little, Aunt Dot had come to visit us in Tennessee. I don't remember much of the story, but I do remember sitting at my bedroom window looking up at the stars with Aunt Dot and listening to her tell the most wonderful story about a star/angel named Angelica. So the trip to Pennsylvania would not have been complete without her telling the story of Angelica to Marie.

We only spent one day at McEwen with mom. But we did enjoy some relaxing time on the front porch.

Jim and Amy joined us for the day as well.

That evening at Mom's, Aunt Ruth and Ms. Lula Ann came over. Aunt Ruth is a professional baby holder (she has worked in the baby room at daycare for years). So it did not take too long for her and Jacob to strike up a conversation.

The last leg of the trip landed us with Bill's family. While at Bill's niece's wedding, Marie enjoyed some dancing time with her daddy.

We were surrounded by babies, and Marie loved it! 2 of Bill's nieces had babies about a month before Jacob was born. Needless to say, at any one time you could count on one baby sleeping, eating, pooping, or crying! But I love that Jacob will have 3 little cousins all around his own to play with. And Marie will be there to boss all of them around!

We enjoyed some good time with Bill's parents. Little did we know, that about a month later we would be making another trip down there after Bill's dad passed away. But this trip, Max was able to get some good granddaddy time in with the kids, and I am thankful for that.

I don't know when our next trip down south will be, but I can't wait!!!

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